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We have revised our decor range and refreshed it with new brilliant colours as well as wood variants.

Neutral solid and earth colors

Neutral colours of white, beige, grey and black are the basis for a timeless design of furniture and rooms. In combination with shades of grey and earth colours, the designs remain elegant and have become increasingly important in recent years. The combination of these two colour ranges is being used more and more frequently in both private and commercial rooms.

Natural solid colors

Natural plain colours in pastel and chalk shades create a friendly and natural appearance. Therefore, the shades fit perfectly to matt surfaces and give a soft appearance. This combination creates a calm and relaxing ambience. At the same time, the dignified colour intensity is elegant and timeless.

Intense plain colors

Brightening and strongly luminous basic colours mixed from red, green and blue set lively accents in rooms and on furniture. Create a visual attraction in your room with a decor in signal colours and give it a new character. In combination with our 19mm thick wood-based material, decor colours come into their own even more through an intensive effect.

Classic and modern woods

As a bestseller among the wood reproductions, traditional woods such as beech and cherry belong. These are ideal for the classic furnishing style. Innovative wood-based materials are also part of our collection. Whether wood with dyed grain or trendy basic colour – our collection has the right design for both traditionalists and trendsetters.

Our collection offers a wide range of authentic reproductions of a wide variety of materials. Stone and mineral decors on furniture and worktops are also becoming increasingly popular in interior design.