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wall mirrors

A mirror is not to be excluded in the today’s time any more. There is at least one mirror in every household. Whether it is used in the morning for styling or in the evening to get ready to go to bed – it accompanies us constantly in our everyday life. Precisely because it accompanies us constantly in everyday life, we should also decide in favour of a mirror that meets high quality standards. The high-quality mirror glass from our assortment consists of 6mm thick crystal glass and is custom-made. Thus we have the possibility to offer you the size of the mirror, which you also need. The edges of the mirrors are also highly polished. Combine use and design of the mirror. The mirror can be equipped with many features, such as glass shelf, cosmetic mirror, a backlit motif or multimedia. There are hardly any limits. Thus you receive a wonderful decoration accessory with practical purpose.

Wall mirrors for sloping roofs

Living in an attic apartment hides a particularly cosy atmosphere, if it were not always so difficult to attach a matching design accessory to the walls that run into the slants. If, for example, you want to attach a mirror to the wall, it will not fit optically because the straight edges of the rectangular mirror are not in line with the pitch of the roof. This aspect usually makes the room appear restless and disturbs the appearance of the room. The mirror for sloping ceilings is ideal for attics. This is cut to size to fit your sloping roof and thus fits perfectly into the sloping roof. The charm of the attic is also underlined by the matching interplay of the sloping roof and the mirror for sloping roof.

Wall mirrors with special shapes

Is a rectangular mirror too boring for you? Then we have exactly the right mirror for you!
The round and oval wall mirrors stand out from the standard standard of a mirror and are cut to size for you. With their curved shapes, the round and oval mirrors radiate their own charm. The mirrors are completely self-contained due to their continuous shapes. With these special shapes, the focus is essentially directed at the face of the observer.