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It is amazing in how many ways mirrors can be transformed into designer jewelry. So even mirrors can look like a wall painting with the help of a frame. A high quality clear crystal mirror framed in a frame.
So that you can be offered also a large selection, there are the most different variations of frame mirrors, thus is for each taste always the suitable thereby.

Frame mirror with wood

The classic variant is offered by the wooden frame mirror. It creates a cosy atmosphere in the rooms. A variety of different wood colours and structures make it possible to find a mirror that matches your wardrobe in the hallway or the cupboards in the living room or bedroom. A uniform appearance can thus be created. You can even choose the frame widths and depths. The spectrum of profiles ranges from flat edged to deep rounded profiles. Should it be discreetly narrow or strikingly wide? You have the choice.
A very special eye-catcher are the colourful wooden frames. With a variety of colours you set a special accent in your rooms.

Frame mirror with aluminium

However, if you prefer noble and modern living accessories, we have a practical solution for you. An interesting variant is the aluminium frame mirror. With its brushed aluminium profile, it encloses the mirror from the outside. Simple and timeless, it adapts perfectly to every living element.
Not exclusive enough yet? Then have the mirror additionally provided with a laser motif. An elegant interplay of brushed aluminium frame and lasered mirror.