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Complete view with the hinged mirror

In daily styling it is often an advantage to be able to look at oneself as a whole. Especially when styling the hair, you should be able to see yourself completely, so that at the end each strand sits in its previously seen place. The hinged mirror offers you the possibility to adjust the sides of the mirror according to your needs. Due to the 180° hinges, the side parts can be swivelled and the hinged mirror can be completely closed. With this function, the mirror can also be made narrower, as the side parts of the hinged mirror are mirrored on both sides. The 180° hinge is visible through small chrome-plated flanges on the middle part and the side part. The hinged mirror gives you an excellent all-round view for daily body care. The hinged mirrors can also be additionally refined with the sandblasting system and the laser system. In addition, the hinged mirrors can be equipped with many additional options, such as a docking station, a toothbrush holder or a cosmetic mirror.