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Mirror cabinets made to measure

The mirror cabinet is one of the most practical inventions in the bathroom area. It combines the principle of the simple mirror with enough storage space for our daily cosmetics and care products. Especially in small bathrooms it is often difficult to store enough care products and in such situations the mirror cabinet is the ideal solution. However, a mirror cabinet does not always have to be just a mirror cabinet. Nowadays there are many different possibilities to create a mirror cabinet to suit your wishes. Whether special wishes of the design, the living space or the way of mounting the mirror cabinet, we have the solution for you!

Mirror cabinets with wooden body

The mirror cabinets with wooden corpus lend your premises a warm and homely atmosphere. With a large selection and variety of colours there is something for everyone. A wide range of choices is at your disposal. Create a calm ambience with the neutral plain colours. If you prefer a friendly and natural feeling in your rooms, choose the natural plain colours. An extravagant variation is the choice of intensive plain colours, colourful and striking is the motto. However, the choice of classic and modern woods remains a classic. Here nature is combined with the design element mirror cabinet. Another authentic style option is the choice of material reproductions, such as ceramics or concrete. Discover the variety of mirror cabinets with wooden bodies.

Mirror cabinets with aluminium body

If you don’t like the wood version and would like to have something completely different, we can also help you. The mirror cabinet with aluminium body is a particularly timeless and noble piece of jewellery. The body is made of high-quality stainless aluminium parts. The depth of the cabinet is 165mm plus 8mm for the inside and outside mirrored doors. Through the cabinet doors mirrored on both sides, you can also look at yourself from behind.

Mirror cabinets for pitched roofs

As you have already experienced, mirror cabinets in your design are available in a wide variety of variants. One of the most interesting solutions in this area is presented here. Many people often struggle in an attic apartment and do not know where to go with the mirror cabinet. Straight edges do not fit optically seen simply to the running roof slope and disturb the harmony in the space. But a rectangular mirror cabinet on a sloping roof would not only be suboptimal from an optical point of view. The area piece on the side of the sloping roof would not be usable. In this case, a mirror cabinet is ideal for sloping roofs. The storage space in the corner of the slopes can be used and the optimal use of the slopes rounds off the appearance of the room.

Mirror cabinets and their mounting methods


Surface-mounting is one of the most common ways of attaching a mirror cabinet to a wall.
The mirror cabinet is mounted on a screwed rail on the wall.


Flush-mounted offers the possibility of a linear appearance of the mirror cabinet. With the correctly selected size, the mirror cabinet disappears in the wall niche and is therefore on the same level as the wall. The appearance of a mirror comes into its own and hides its storage space inside.

Flush-mounted with mounting frame

The mounting frame consists of 19mm thick wood-based material in the look of the selected decor. The width and height of the installation frame is 40 mm larger than the external dimensions of the selected cabinet dimensions. The depth of the frame is 40mm smaller than the selected depth of the cabinet. The frame is mitred glued.