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Nowadays it is impossible to imagine life without lighting. It is constantly being further developed and ever better solutions for optimum lighting and energy-saving light sources are being found. The current focus is on LED lighting. Our built-in LEDs offer a very long life with low power consumption. They consume 6x less electricity than conventional light bulbs and have a high light intensity. When choosing the right lighting or illumination, it is not only important how much electricity is consumed or how bright the LEDs shine, but also what different possibilities are open to you in terms of the color of the light. Here we can certainly help you.

Classic LED lighting

There are several variants of the light to choose from. The classic variants would be the choice between 24V LED warm white or 24V LED neutral white. If you prefer a warm, soothing atmosphere in your rooms, it is advisable to choose 24V LED warm white for illumination. The shallow light makes the room cosy and homely. The 24V LED neutral white would be recommended for the illumination of living rooms with little daylight, for example. This variant makes your rooms appear bright and friendly.

LED lighting with colour temperature change

If you don’t want to choose between 24V LED warm white and LED neutral white, you don’t have to. We also have another solution ready for you. The 24V LED-CCT lighting offers both lighting conditions. Here it is even possible with the help of a built-in dimming function to continuously determine the colour temperature of the light between 24V LED warm white and 24V LED neutral white. For example, you receive a remote control on which various modes of your settings can be stored so that you do not have to adjust the light again and again.

Variety of LED lighting colours

Even more exclusive will be the next variant of LED lighting and more colours will come into play. The 24V LED RGBWWW lighting offers the entire variety from the RGB colour circle for light selection. In addition, this type of lighting also includes the functions of stepless dimming and stepless colour change with various transition modes. Here, for example, you also receive a remote control with which you can select and save your settings. The various colour accents bathe your rooms in atmospheric light.