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Variations of glass showers

Choosing the right shower cubicle is a very important decision when designing a bathroom. After all, we usually start the day with a refreshing shower in the morning and end it with a relaxing shower in the evening. There are several aspects to consider when choosing a shower, such as design, comfort and care. Many bathrooms today still have shower curtains. These are not only impractical, but also not particularly hygienic. In addition, the free space is restricted by the fact that the shower curtains are attached to the body. A much more elegant variant is concealed in the glass shower cubicles. Here you are not only granted more freedom when showering, but also the aesthetics are in the foreground. The shower cabins are available in different variations. In addition, the shower systems can also be provided with a desired motif in laser engraving or sandblasting. A combination of lacquered glass and laser engraving is also possible.

Walk In Glass Showers

The Walk In shower is one of the most comfortable and uncomplicated types of shower cubicle. No shower door is required to enter. The Walk In shower is therefore particularly suitable for bathrooms that do not have enough space, as the swivel doors are not used here. It offers ample space and mobility. The Walk In shower is at ground level and therefore barrier-free access to the shower is no longer a problem.

Glass showers as corner showers

The extremely elegant corner shower is an ideal alternative to using free-standing corners in the bathroom. This is then filled exactly by the corner shower. Various types can be selected, such as corner showers with one door leaf or two door leaves. The corner showers are frameless and therefore appear much more filigree. With their corner shower system they form a closed room in your bathroom.

Corner shower, one door wing

Corner shower, two door leaves

Glass showers as niche showers

Do you have a niche in the bathroom and do not know the optimal use?
How about having a shower built in the niche? We will be happy to help you. The niche shower is a glass construction that can be tailored to your niche. This allows the niche to be fully utilised and integrates perfectly into your bathroom. The niche shower is available in various versions, such as the niche shower with a fixed element or with two door leaves. The advantage of a niche shower is that you not only have the possibility to install it flush with the floor, but also a shower channel can be planned.

Niche shower, solid glass

Niche shower, two door leaves

Glasduschen als Wannenlösung

Would you like to not only bathe in your bathtub, but would you also like to have the possibility to shower in the bathtub? Or is there not enough space in your bathroom for a bathtub and a shower cabin? With the bathtub solutions this is no longer an obstacle. Depending on your needs, you can choose between shower systems such as a bathtub solution with one shower glass, a fixed glass element and two glass elements. With the bathtub solution with a shower glass, you have the

possibility to swivel the glass, so it can be opened easily like a door. With the bath solution with a fixed glass element, the fixed glass is mounted on the wall above the bath. For additional support of the glass, a rod holder is attached to the wall at a 45° angle. The bathtub shower enclosure with two glass elements has a fixed and a swivelling glass element.

Bathtub solution, one-piece

Bathtub solution, a fixed glass element

bathtub solution, shower enclosure