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Surface protection through sealing

The bathroom plays a very important role in everyday life. In the morning we freshen up for the day and in the evening for the bed. The constant use of the bathroom in everyday life also leaves its mark. Dirt quickly settles on the surfaces used. Especially soap marks and water stains on the washbasins, lime and mineral deposits on the fittings – we leave traces of consumption everywhere. This problem arises in every household. So that you are no longer one of the sufferers, we have thought of a solution for you.

With the surface protection in liquid form. The surface sealer is a liquid protective coating solution with a long-term effect. Microscopic pores of glass, porcelain and ceramics can be sealed. This considerably increases the reduction of water stains, soap marks and lime and mineral deposits.

The cleaning of the surfaces is increasingly facilitated with the surface sealer. Dirt can be removed more easily and cleanly than with conventional cleaning agents. In addition, the surface coating of your shelves is not attacked.