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Glass refinement by sandblasting

Individual graphics and motifs on a glass pane, a shower wall or a glass door? Whether for the entrance door in the hallway, the office or the bathroom. That’s no problem!

In the glass finishing there is the possibility to use different procedures in this area. The process of sandblasting offers the possibility of large-area matting to smaller matting motifs and graphics on the desired glass to bring.

The desired motif is fixed to the glass with the help of a cover template. In the following step, fine granulates are shot at the glass surface in the sandblasting unit using compressed air. These granulates roughen the glass surface at the free places, where the desired motive is to be in the later process. This type of glass refinement offers a refined aesthetic with the desired motif and also the desired privacy in the area of the motif.

A privacy screen that is both opaque and translucent. In this way, the luminous efficacy is essentially retained. The use of partial matting creates a velvety effect on the glass pane which creates a special contrast to the clear glass surface.

Granules for sandblasting

Sandblasting on glass

Sandblasting on mirror surface