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Glass refinement through varnishing

It is not easy to get a special highlight into your premises? A real eye-catcher that radiates fascination, seduces to look at and gives the room a fresh look? No problem we can help you! Glass or also mirror surfaces provided with an entire surface or also partial varnishing give your premises a harmonious colouring.

With our manual varnishing process, we are also able to varnish individual areas of a glass or mirror, such as our partial varnish mirrors. Thus, we can also provide specific desired glass or mirror parts with lacquer on customer request. The process involves spray painting to coat surfaces with paint.

The paint is evenly applied to the surface with a spray gun using compressed air as it exits a nozzle. The RAL colours offer us a wide range of colours. No matter whether white, red, black or green. Everything is possible! Glass design in the form of glass doors, glass showers, sliding glass doors, kitchen back panels or mirrors.