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Precision has a name - laser technology

Have you always wanted to have a special unique piece of glass in your living rooms personalised and tailored to you? The laser process for glass refinement provides us with a marvel of technology. Whether glass doors, glass showers, mirrors, mirror cabinets or sliding glass doors – with laser technology every piece of furniture becomes a design element. Let us produce your individual designer piece for you. Not only can graphics decorate your glasses, but photographs are also possible.

The laser process represents a precise alternative to the classic sandblasting and etching processes. The laser system can realize structures up to 0.1mm with its laser beam on the glass and thus gray levels and gradients in a motif without loss of quality and no longer a problem. The finest graphic structures, such as lines and dots, can be displayed gracefully. We make it possible!

The procedure can be presented in simple terms. The laser uses extreme heat to remove the glass parts or the mirror layer on the back at the positions where the motif is to be created. During this process, the areas of the motif are simultaneously sealed by the extreme heat. The motif on the product is protected from external influences and can decorate your premises for a long time.

Another highlight is the laser treatment on the front of the mirror. This creates an interesting 3D effect on the mirror surface. But it is not only in your premises that the laser process is a good solution for refining glass or mirrors. Glass doors in the office can be beautifully decorated with the company logo, as well as mirrors in the office washrooms or in the corridor. With laser technology the possibilities are unlimited.

Laser technology and its possible combinations

Another interesting possibility on a mirror is the combination of sandblasting and laser cutting. Large areas can be satined and detailed areas can be highlighted with the laser system.
Painted surfaces on a mirror, a glass door or a shower can also be lasered later. In this process, the laser removes the coating layer from the motif areas.