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Cutting including edge processing

Often it is not so easy to get the right product in the right size. Standard sizes are defined by the suppliers, but they are not always tailored to the desired size of the customer. Every square centimetre can be savoured, especially during bathroom conversions, and we have a solution for you! Glass cut to size to suit your premises.

We do not only house a cutting machine in our house, but can also polish the glass with our grinding machine at the same time. The cutting machine is a CNC cutting table with air support. During the cutting process, a large sheet of glass is fixed to the cutting board and the desired glass size is cut using computer technology and laser cutting.

The glass plate is then placed in the grinding machine. The grinding machine has eleven spindles, a polishing unit and a washing unit. We can therefore not only grind the glass, but also have the option of polishing the glass, fine polishing with edge grinding and can attach a steep facet to your glass or mirror. The grindable glass strengths amount to 3 mm-30 mm and the steep facet is adjustable up to 60° degrees. The glass is then washed in the washing machine.