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Finishing of glass doors

The door is the only connecting element to ensure access from one room to another. Wooden doors are used as standard in houses or apartments. Especially in small corridors, the rooms often look very gloomy due to the darkness. A glass door is ideal for this purpose so that you can gain more light in the rooms. Even dirty surfaces on glass doors are easier to remove than on wooden doors. Once you have decided on a glass door, there are various finishing processes to choose from. You can choose between glass doors, sliding glass doors and light cut-outs. If you now think that your privacy will be taken away from you, I can reassure you.

The types of glass doors can be additionally refined in various ways to reduce the visibility and give the rooms more aesthetics.
You can have your own desired motif applied to you in lasered form, sandblasted form or in a combination of lacquered and lasered. Our glass doors are made of 8mm thick safety glass, which is then subjected to a special heat treatment. This makes the surface much more resistant and protects it from breakage, scratches and similar damage.

Glass door, motive sandblasted

Glass sliding door, lacquered and motif lasered

Light cut-out, motif lasered