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Setting colour accents with glass design

The glass pictures enhance your premises in an elegant way. Bald areas on the wall can be decorated with this magnificent.
The glass picture consists of a 4mm thick float glass pane, which we cut to size, grind and polish for you. The desired motif is printed on a transparent foil, which is welded to a white foil. In a special process, the foils are pressed behind the float glass pane cut to size and thus connected to each other.

Glass design for optimum splash protection

Has your kitchen become too boring for you and would you like to spice it up? Buying a new kitchen is very expensive and you are looking for a cheaper way to optimize your kitchen. Set trendy colour nuances in your kitchen area with our kitchen back panels. Especially in small kitchens it is often difficult to set colour accents due to the lack of space on the walls. Here you can freshen up your kitchen with elegant and modern design. Apart from the design technical style, the kitchen back walls have a special and practical purpose. In contrast to the well-known kitchen tiles in the kitchen, the kitchen backgrounds are much easier to clean. In the case of tiles, dirt collects in the joints after a while and is very difficult to clean. Especially in the kitchen the priority is given to cleanliness and functionality. Therefore, kitchen back walls are not only a visual but also a very practical solution. The level glass surface makes it very easy to remove dirt. The kitchen back panels are available in a wide variety of designs and can also be provided with a motif of your choice.

Glasdesign mit Glastischplatten

The element glass is timeless and graceful, thus it offers many possibilities to design the rooms long lasting. A special eye-catcher is the design of a glass table top. The glass table top can be provided with many different motifs. From large-area sandblasting to high-precision lasered photo shoots, there are hardly any limited possibilities. The stylish glass table tops have an invigorating effect and add momentum to your design concept. Apart from the graceful design, the glass table tops also offer a particularly functional advantage compared to wooden tables. The noble style element can easily be removed from the edges of the table. Even a tablecloth is no longer necessary with the possibility of your own desired motif.