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A company introduces itself:

Lionidas Design has been present in the German market for over 10 years and is one of the few companies in the industry that can refine glass and mirrors using laser engraving.

Since its foundation in 2005, the worldwide operating company can look back on a constant growth. This success is first of all due to the introduction of mirrors individually manufactured according to customer wishes with the most modern LED technology, which have been extended over time with more and more technical components. Today it is possible to produce a custom-made mirror with TV, WLAN circuit, integrated cosmetic mirror and high-end sound system, which can be sandblasted or laser engraved and 24V LED technology to a work of art.

Since the production of custom-made mirrors has proven itself with customers and more and more inquiries came to further custom-made products for the bathroom, the assortment was extended by further individual articles. Today, the company owns a masterly sanitary carpentry workshop, which also produces individual mirror cabinets – all made to measure.

The unique flat glass laser system, specially manufactured for the company, was used to finish mirrors, glass doors and glass showers with individual motifs at the same time.

Especially in recent years, sales of refined glass products in Europe have once again increased at an above-average rate.

Market leader in custom-made bathroom mirrors

For ten years now, Lionidas Design has been successfully producing custom-made mirrors and mirror cabinets, making it the market leader.

The company was founded in 2005 by Lokman Coskun under the name Lionidas GmbH in Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Just two years later, the initial production site became too small due to increasing demand, so that the location had to be relocated to neighbouring Datteln.

Through consistent further development and ever new product areas, a modern, industrial production facility for high-end mirrors was created in Datteln, whose exceptional position made the Lionidas brand synonymous with custom-made mirrors and mirror cabinets.

In 2016, the in-house sanitary carpentry workshop was spun off from the central production facility in order to increase production capacity.

Today, the Lionidas design range extends from the highest quality custom-made high-end mirrors with laser engraving to a wide selection of mirror cabinets, laser-engraved glass doors and glass showers. Mirrors and mirror cabinets in over 2,000 variants, glass design and extensive accessories complement each other to form a complete range.

Lionidas Design creates bathroom worlds

Whether classic or modern, decorative or purist: Lionida’s design gives every bathroom the perfect finish.

The product range at Liondas Design is carefully and competently compiled in line with current technical trends. The same applies to the mirror cabinet range: it comprises high-quality wooden and aluminium corpses in various formats – from the classic standard cabinet to the custom-made mirror cabinet for sloping ceilings.

The range of wooden corps currently consists of over 100 high-quality Egger decors.

The range of custom-made mirrors is even more extensive. Currently more than 900 products with different shapes, colours and engravings are offered here. Of course all mirrors are available at short notice.

The company offers a selection of optional accessories to match the mirror. Mirrors with 24V LED lighting can also be equipped with toothbrush holders, USB charging stations, invisible Bluetooth speakers or various switches (touch, infrared, WLAN, …).

Lionidas Design offers the demanding customer a large selection and first-class quality and products that leave nothing to be desired.